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 Lit For 20's NEW Staff App

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Lit For 20

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PostSubject: Lit For 20's NEW Staff App   Lit For 20's NEW Staff App I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 31, 2017 9:56 pm

Intro, Hi how are you my last app was a little rushed and i saw i need to spend alot more time on it ive had more time with the new server and im ready to remake this staff app

In-game name:Lit For 20

Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:68740411

Age: 13 Almost 14

How often do you respond to staff calls?:You Respond When You are the only staff online, or you are on duty and none of the staff are responding to the staff call's, If i am RPing and im the only staff online i will answer the call if other staff are willing to respond to it i let them handle the situation if i am in the Middle of A Certain RP Moment Such as of raiding or being raided i will respond as soon as possible if i die i will respond to the call when i respawn

How do you react to different kinds of rule breakers? Now it would depend on the certain rule they have broken or have not, RDM: As i am listening to both of the players speak what happened i would be checking the logs at the same time to see who killed who, For a prop minge: I Would check what props were spawned by the player in the logs if the player prop pushed and or prop Killed would Warn Them For Prop Push Or Prop Killing Again they would be Kicked Then they rejoin and do it again I will ban them For 1 Week For Prop Minge

How many hours can you devote to the Server per week? Will this increase?:i Could Devote Almost always 6 Hours a day Sunday - Thursday, Friday - Saturday Would Be around 12- 16 Hours A day Or More

Do you know all the commands and abilities you have as a staff member?: Yes i do know all of the ULX Commands I Have been staff on many servers before

Have you donated?:VIP

Are you generally liked around the server? Who dislikes you?: I Have quite a nice reputation around the server but not everybody knows me i know almost all the staff and at least talk to them as a friend many times a day! same goes with players on the server

Have you ever accidentally abuse you powers, if not what would you do in this situation?: I Have "Abused" my powers on accident on other servers when i did not know too much on how to be a staff member i have straightened up and i have not abused and powers given too me in a long while ( [You can skip this] Have to add this On an old server i did not abuse and i got demoted and banned for not even abusing but i thought i really did sorry for wasting your time! : ))

Do you have a working microphone?:Yes i have not used it much on the server though

Why do you feel like you deserve this application/promotion?: I Feel i should be accepted because i would love to spread more positivity around the server!, I Also feel i could make the community a much better place and make it much more fun and fair for the other players who are actually RPIng! and If Do become staff i would love to spread my idea's for the server and try to make it much more fun than the server already is for the player's!

How did you find this server?: When I Played the old server I Was getting back into darkrp and i remembered that was my favorite server i saw it was still up and saw that it has changed! so i came back to the server and the community!

How are you suppose to react in an admin situation?: You must act mature stay calm and keep the player calmed down if not already and make sure you don't be rude or act annoyed with the situation and you must keep a smile on and help the player as much as you can, and you should hear what the player says and don't think of what happened if the player does not cooperate you must try to help him cooperate and or calm down and make sure the victim of this must either or be punished for what he did or make sure he wont do it again
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Lit For 20's NEW Staff App
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