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 Staff Application ~ Cow

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Staff Application ~ Cow  Empty
PostSubject: Staff Application ~ Cow    Staff Application ~ Cow  I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 06, 2017 5:06 am

In-game name: Cow

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:104365532

Age: 14

How often do you respond to staff calls?: I'm European. I Dont really get it..
But if someone needs me i'll be there. And if i'm offline playing something else and an admin is like: "I Need your help! Quick." then i'll quit the game and get to the server.

How do you react to different kinds of rule breakers? Teleport them somewhere where we can talk for a bit. See if he has anything to say,.. after the talk let him go but with a warning.

How many hours can you devote to the Server per week? Will this increase?: Maybe 15 hours per week. I'm not sure how much.. Maybe more.

Do you know all the commands and abilities you have as a staff member?: Yes, indeed i became a lot of staff on servers. They we're really happy with me as staff.

Have you donated?: No i didnt.

Are you generally liked around the server? Who dislikes you?: Uhm.. I'm not sure but i think the Geko guy dislikes me.. He tried to raid us a couple times and failed so he was pretty pissed.

Have you ever accidentally abuse you powers, if not what would you do in this situation?:

Do you have a working microphone?: No i dont.. But i'm a really fast typer.

Why do you feel like you deserve this application/promotion?: Because i'm really calm and i can be very patience.

How did you find this server?: I Was looking for a good server to play some roleplay, i saw the server and i knew it was gonna be good.. When i joined i found out that the server was really good!

How are you suppose to react in an admin situation?: I Dont really know what you mean with "an admin situation" But.. if someone is Rdming i would teleport him right away to my location on a roof or something. freeze him so he cant go away.. Talk to him for a second why he did it. and give him a warning or maybe a kick if he doesnt respond to me. I Dont think i should ban him for the first time RDM..

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Lit For 20

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Staff Application ~ Cow  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Staff Application ~ Cow    Staff Application ~ Cow  I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 31, 2017 9:59 pm

-1 I am not a staff member but this looks like it needs more detail my app isn't perfect but i think i fixed it well it seemed you rush sit there and think a little more about your app and put more detail in it i think its a good app just extend it and put much more detail in it, It will look great if so
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Staff Application ~ Cow  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Staff Application ~ Cow    Staff Application ~ Cow  I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 31, 2017 10:26 pm

This application does seem very sloppy and rushed. Also, I don't recall ever meeting nor seeing you on the server (this could be because of the time difference though). Lacks detail, and a question is unanswered. Please revise your application, I will stay neutral until otherwise.
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Staff Application ~ Cow  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Staff Application ~ Cow    Staff Application ~ Cow  I_icon_minitime

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Staff Application ~ Cow
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