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 Rules of the Server

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PostSubject: Rules of the Server   Rules of the Server I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 03, 2016 10:27 pm

Freerun Gaming

1. RDM (random death match) is prohibited.
2. CDM (car death match) is prohibited.
3. NLR (new life rule) is 5min when you are the raider and 3min when you are part of the base.
4. RDA (random arresting) is prohibited.
5. You do not have to advert crimes
5a. You do have to let the victim know what is happening over mic or local chat.
6. Don't attempt to exploit or cause harm to the server.
7. Don't harass or annoy other players. This includes being racist or purposefully trying to offend others.
8. Don't spam. This includes voice chat, OOC chat, adverts, or any other methods of communication.
9. Don't prop minge. This includes prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge, push, trap or spam.
10. Don't create offensive or inappropriate text signs.
11. Don't use an inappropriate RP name.
12. Don't interfere with admin sits or Admins who are on duty.
13. Scamming during vendor transactions or any roleplay transactions is not allowed whatsoever.
14. No Bunny Hopping. It's unrealistic.
15. No helping other job categories.
17. Do not interfere with staff on duty
18. If something isn’t on the rules, speak with a staff member, if you do something that is against common sense (admin discretion) then try to claim “its not on the rules, you are an idiot.”
19. No AFK farming anything
20. No roleplay in spawn
21. ALL Crimes count towards a 5 min cooldown, even if you change jobs or type of crime. 10 minute cooldown to do a crime on the same person.
22. No abusing the safe zone at spawn
23. No spawning items that your job cant using other addons (unboxing)
24. No more than 20 printers at a time
25. No vehicle sound spam.
26. OOC is all chat on this server
27. Do not use OOC for admin matters, use @
1. While building, put up a sign that says "Building" to let others know you are not roleplaying.
2. When a building sign is up, you cannot have any entities in your base.
3. Do not interfere with people that have a "Building" sign.
4. A player must be able to enter and exit your building using a keypad cracker or a lock pick.
5. Do not abuse the fading door tool. (Using the numpad to constantly spam it or open and close it quickly)
6. You may not own more than one base at a time.
7. You may use a maximum of 15 fading doors per base.
8. You may not have a fading door with the sole purpose to protect a keypad or button.
9. Keypads must be connected to a working fading door.
10. Keypads must have a hold length of 5 seconds for fading doors. (With a 0 initial delay)
11. Keypads must be placed near the door they open in plain sight.
12. Keypads must be low enough to be cracked from ground level. (You shouldn't have to duck or climb to reach the keypad)
13. Do not build inside unowned buildings or ones that you do not own.
14. Do not build out on the streets or anywhere public.
15. You may only look through 1 way props, not shoot.
16. Do not block off large parts of the map, or any place where NPCs or Dumpsters entities spawn.
17. Bases that require crouching or alter your speed or movement in any way are disallowed. (No mazes, traps, or kill boxes)
18. Do not create tiny cracks in your base that raiders cannot see. (Headshot and foot shot traps)
19. Do not store entities on inaccessible rooftops or inaccessible areas in general.
20. Sky bases are not allowed.

1. Do not build annoying obtrusive, annoying, or obstructive structures using Wiremod.
2. Spawning intense/flashing lights in public places is prohibited.
3. You are not allowed to spawn annoying, loud, or high pitched sounds with Wiremod or E2.
4. Setting your player material is completely prohibited.
5. Misuse of your E2 access is grounds for a revoke. Use common sense, it is a privilege to have access to E2.
6. Nonsense E2s (trails, blinders, "liftforms," etc.) that do not pertain to roleplay are not allowed. Holograms, however, are allowed.
7. Using anything with Wiremod that does not help RP, is exploitative, or generally unfair (teleporters, player painters, etc.) are strictly prohibited and may cause your access to Wiremod in a whole to be revoked.

----Rule Definitions----

1. Killing without any valid RP reason.
2. You may always defend yourself if you are being attacked.
3. Do not complete hits, kill, or arrest players in spawn unless they have already left the spawn area.
4. Do not complete hits, kill, or arrest players with building signs unless they have left their area or are engaging in RP.

1. Once you die, you forget everything that happened to you in your past life.
2. You may not return to the area where you died until you wait the 5 minute NLR Area cooldown time.
3. If you are close enough to the area where you died, so that you are influencing the RP that is ongoing in said area, then you are breaking NLR.

1. Using information that your RP character does not know.
2. Using your numpad to open the keypads and buttons too quickly versus actually using them.
3. Acting upon visual effects or sounds that can be seen/heard through a wall that you wouldn't normally see or hear.
4. Using out-of-character (OOC) information in-character, and vice versa.

1. Owning a small handgun is legal. [always]
2. Murder, assault, robbery and raiding are illegal activities. [always]
3. Firing off any gun in public for any reason other than self-defense is illegal. [mayor can change]
4. Owning contraband is illegal. [mayor can change]


Medic: Heal players and cannot take sides unless you are hired to
Hobo: Build on the streets and mic spam. Cannot build in buildings.
Taxi Driver: Drive players around the map to their destination and cannot own any illegal items. May own a gun for protection.
Bus Driver: Drive players to all the bus stops around the map. May own a gun for protection. Cannot own any illegal items.
Farmer: Can only farm. Cannot own any illegal items besides a gun for protection.
Miner: Can only mine. Cannot own illegal items besides a gun for protection.

Gun Dealer: Cannot own any illegal items besides a gun for protection.
Black Market Dealer: Cannot own any illegal items besides a gun for protection.
Drug Dealer: Cannot own any printers. Only drugs and a gun.

Mayor: May own a gun for protection and may make laws for people to follow
Chief of Police: You are in-charge of all the police. You can send them to emergencies and make sure they are not doing anything illegal. You are the boss.
Police Officer: You are under the Chief of Police. Whatever you are told you must do. Cannot own anything illegal besides your gun.
Mayors Daughter: Cannot own any illegal items at all. Only allowed to just chill around and hope not to be kidnapped. You have access to the whole pd. be safe with yourself.
Ani Terrorism Leader: May defend the pd against any terrorist. You are in charge of everyone on the team cannot own anything illegal except for your gun. Keep the citizens safe.
Anti-Terrorism Medic: You are the one that saves the soldiers on the battle field in terror.
Anti-Terrorism Member: You are to defend our city from all terrorist members. Get out there and kick some butt.
No government can base outside of the PD

Isis Leader: You are in charge of all the plans. You may have a base but only one for your whole team. You can only have illegal guns and weapons. That’s all.
Isis Medic: You are to heal the member and leader of the team. Keep them safe when trying to take over the city.
Isis Member: You are to get out there and take the city over. You may not own any illegal items besides a weapon. You must all base together.

Hitman: You are to take out the people with hits on them. You may own any illegal item in the game.
Thief: You may raid, mug and own any illegal items you can purchase.
Meth Cook: You are to cook meth and sell it to venders at the shop. Be careful with the items you have one you. Don’t want to risk getting sent to jail. You may not own any printers. Only guns for protecting your goods.
Banker: You are allowed to hold everyone’s precious items in a safe depository. Be careful. You may own guns to protect yourself.
West Side Leader: You are the brains behind the gang. It’s up you who you want to kick out and hire. You may own any illegal items, raid, mug, and kidnap.
West Side Gangster: You are to follow the commands of the leader. You guys work together, not alone to defeat the East Side Gangsters. You may own any illegal items.
East Side Leader: You are the brains behind the gang. It’s up you who you want to kick out and hire. You may own any illegal items, raid, mug, and kidnap.
East Side Gangster: You are to follow the commands of the leader. You guys work together, not alone to defeat the West Side Gangsters. You may own any illegal items.
Kidnapper: You are to kidnap anyone you please. You can own any illegal item in the game except for money printers. You are allowed to sell the person for whatever you want.

Lawyer: You may bail people out of jail and own a gun for protection. Cannot own anything illegal and must help their client.

Fat Troll: You can annoy anyone you want. You are not allowed to own any illegal items at all.
Agent 47: You are a more professional version of the hitman.
Spiderman: You are to fly around the city and you can help people out and save them my counter raiding, counter mugging, or anything that will make the city better and safe for the people.
Pro Thief: You have been raiding for years now. You know what to do and you are a more professional type of thief. You may own anything as you like and may kidnap anyone you like.

Mahou Shoujo: May raid, mug, kidnap, and own any illegal items.
Teletubby: May raid, mug, kidnapp, do meth, and own any illegal items.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: May raid, and mug. allowed to own any illegal item in the game.
Grand Master Yoda: May raid, and mug. Allowed to own any illegal item in the game.
Exo Cop: You are part of the pd. help player out and listen to the chief.

You are allowed a 30 second grace before and after the purge for kills. Disobey this and you will be jailed for 5 minutes
All jobs except staff on duty can participate in the purge
If you do not wish to participate in the purge, you will have to stay at spawn or hide in a base
No spawn camping (admin discretion, basically dont kill people near spawn)
Do not shoot from inside spawn outside of spawn, this will result in a ban for the duration of 10 minutes

Staff Rules
1. Do not noclip in RP classes unless necessary
2. Do not randomly noclip around the map, use !spectate
3. For all admin sits use !sit, no rooftop sits
4. If a player asks for an admin in ooc, tell them to ask in admin chat before going to them.
5. If you have a problem with a staff member that is your same rank, take it to a higher rank, never use your powers on your own rank.
6. Do not change your name, you go by 1 name only.
7. Do not interfere with rpers while staffing.

Money Making Methods!
Become a meth cook and produce fine meth, sell it to the buyer at spawn!
Mine the rocks, collect your ore in a cart, process the ore for very easy cash, can you get to level 99?
Money Printers
Eligible jobs can buy printers, keep them cool and feel free to upgrade them!
Type !unbox and try your luck with some cases, you might be able to sell your winnings or gain some easy cash!
Become a farmer, buy the box and fill it with crops that you can sell to the buyer at spawn!
Animal Farming
Buy cages, spawn animals and keep them fed, this one is crazy!
Make a super base, protect other peoples items and take a cut for yourself!
Oil Refining
Produce fuel with the driller and refiner, sell it to the buyer at spawn!
Rob the bank!
Rob the vault at the PD for up to $300,000 in rewards!

Addons we have that you may not know
Party system
Type !party to create a team and there is no teamdamage
ATM System
Use the ATM at the pd and you can earn interest on your money or pool with friends!
Chess / Checkers
Battle your friends in a heated game for money!
Destructible Doors
All doors can be shot down with enough damage!
With drugzmod you can take drugs and gain an advantage over other players!
Invitation system
If you were invited by a friend, type !invitation to give your friend $250k
Inventory System
Access your inventory through the weapon and you can store your items for use anytime!
Leveling system
Automatically gain levels by playing on the server, press F6 to view the rewards!
Deploy-able keypad cracker
Use this to give yourself a serious edge while raiding, purchased from the black market dealer
tylerb money E2 functions
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Rules of the Server
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