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 Victor Szazs - Report on Trial-Moderator

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PostSubject: Victor Szazs - Report on Trial-Moderator   Thu Dec 08, 2016 5:39 pm


In-Game-Name: Cuccboy
I am reporting Victor Szazs for cases of abuse, Doxing me (Or atleast trying to), and threatening me with his staff powers. Victor and me do not have a good relationship friendship-wise, thus causing his behavior towards me to be a bit more unprofessional.

Doxing & Unprofessionalism

Firstly, the doxing, Victor has been taunting me constantly with the fact that he knows my personal information. The only thing he does not have is my name currently. The first occurence of this was after the server had crashed I had gotten on after and he made claims that I had crashed the server "Kyle, can you not crash the server next time?" and taunting me with one of my old user names "Or should I say MusicKing7?" "Oh, I know shit these days :p", days after he would keep saying my "name" (even though it isn't my real name), "fuck off kyle" "oh you're such a musicking ;p" "you're kyle". Due to this he has publicized my "name" throughout the server, with me recieving screenshots saying in chat "whos kyle?", may I add that Doxing is illegal in many countries, this also shows several signs of unprofessionalism. He shows even more signs of unprofessionalism when in one screenshot he makes fun of my voice and the way it sounds, showing disrespect and showing lack of leadership, which is required to be on most staff teams.

Hypocrite and Abuse

Secondly, Victor can be seen as a hypocrite, as he claims that another person "snitches" on him for everything that he does that "bends the rules", however whenever someone requires a secret to be kept that is not working "in his favor" he will end up informing other staff members if he knows he will not get in trouble for the rule(s) broken.

Today, the reason I am reporting this member of the staff team, he had threatened to ban me for not reading the MOTD even though that is not against the rules + I had read the MOTD. This argument had branched from me and another player having a debate over CDM being allowed/disallowed throughout the purge. Then Victor had decided to join in and we fired back at eachother. I ended up getting banned for 1 day for "Mega staff dis | Read the rules!" in which I had not disrespected him (or atleast this is the way I feel about the whole scenario). He also brings up inactive warnings that I had and tried to use that as a point towards my ban not being invalid even though it clearly is an invalid ban. In the screenshots you can see he has tried to intimidate me with his staff powers.

Highlights of Victor threatening me with his staff powers. [spoiler=Highlights(SPOILER TAB!)]

Conclusion & Extra Screenshots

In Conclusion, Victor has lied, been a hypocrite, been massively unprofessional, Doxed a member of the community, abused, tried to be intimidating using his staff powers, and overall just not be a good member of the staff team.
Here is a short video of me scrolling up the chatlogs. Pause if you'd like, it goes all the way up to when I started Garry's Mod up, this way there are no lies or false factors inside of this report.

I hope these issues can be resolved both between staff and Victor and me and Victor personally.

Have a good day.
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Posts : 3
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PostSubject: Re: Victor Szazs - Report on Trial-Moderator   Thu Dec 08, 2016 5:46 pm

A last point, yesterday (12/7/2016) he had said I had 5 warnings and that it was a lot. Not knowing that he had a grand total of 13 warnings.

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Victor Szazs - Report on Trial-Moderator
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